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At The Spice Trail you will find a variety of books on Indian Cuisine, Culture & philosophy, Ayurveda & Yoga. Most of these books are beautifully illustrated, hard bound and full of useful information. Some of the books in stock are: 

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Yoga for the Family: A Holistic Approach

by Bharat Thakur

This is one of the best books available on Yoga. It covers yoga for the body, mind, soul, yoga for couples and pregnant women. It is fully illustrated, comments on the benefits of each asana (yoga pose) and also tips on who should and who should not perform certain poses. Outlines a 41day Rejuvenation Program. 

Ayurvedic Herbal Massage

by Gita Ramesh

This book brings to you one of the oldest-known therapies for rejuvenating the body, toning the muscles, improving blood circulation, repairing worn-out tissues, removing toxins and knocking off fat.  Also offers an easy to follow program on Full Body Massage including Self Massage. 

Art of Indian Cuisine

by Rocky Mohan

This book is a treasure of exotic recipes made lucid and convenient to apply in a modern kitchen. A "must-have", this lavishly illustrated book can give your kitchen a pride of place and make cooking a rewarding and fun experience. 

The Food of India: A Journey for Food Lovers (Food Of Series)

by Priya Wickramasinghe and Carol Selva Rajah

Join the authors on their culinary journey from the snack-sellers on the beaches of Mumbai to the mishti-makers of Kolkata, from the tea gardens of Assam and Munnar to the mithai houses of Delhi. Discover the vast array of dishes which make up the cuisine of today’s India. This book goes beyond what is a traditional cook-book, it brings to you the food culture of India in the form of vibrant photographs capturing varying street food vendors, Indian festivals, cultivation and processing of spices; in short, it brings India into your kitchen.

Indian Spa Cuisine

by Manjit Singh Gill, K K Aggarwal, and Dheeraj Paul

Indian cooking with a twist, is what this book offers. Manjit Singh Gill has come up with recipes that are traditionally Indian yet suited to modern day living, ie. they are quick and easy to prepare and are healthy – low in fat, cholesterol and sugars. A must-have for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. 

Aphrodisiac Cuisine

by Bruno Cerdan and Budhraja Deepak

A selection of the best recipes from all over the world - showcases how classic culinary heritage and avant garde fusion complement each other to stimulate and satiate your appetite. 

Indian Classical Dance: Tradition in Transition

by Leela Venkataraman and Avinash Pasricha

This is an amazing book, a collectors item, beautifully illustrated with a sweeping look at the magnificence of Indian culture through its varied dance forms. This book is an exposition of the seven major classical dance forms, viz., Kathakali, Bharat Natyam, Mohini Attam, Odissi, etc., their history, growth, decay and renewal right from the temple floor and the kingly court to the modern stage. 

Dalai Lamas

by Jitendra Pant

This pocket book gives a brief history and understanding of the Tibetan Dalai Lama Dynasty and what role it plays in modern day society. Includes over 20 tear-out beautifully illustrated post cards. 

Kumari-The Virgin Goddess

by Carroll Dunham & Daniel B. Haber

This pocket book outlines the interesting legend behind the Virgin Goddess of the Nepali people. Beautifully illustrated, includes over 20 tear-out post cards. 

Kama Sutra

by Vatsayana

This quintessential treatise on the art of love and sex has been a best seller for the past many millennia, never failing to intrigue and amuse the reader. Beautifully laid out and illustrated, the Kama Sutra makes a unique gift that the receiver will forever treasure. 


by Yeshi Choedon; and Dawa Norbu

This book reaches beyond immediate history to narrate Tibet’s fascinating story of multiple traditions overlaid with legend, folklore, religious ceremony and festivals, and a natural beauty which leaves the onlooker breathless. The photography in this book is stunning, to say the least.  

The Ayurvedic Cookbook

by Amadea Morningstar & Urmila Desai

The Ayurvedic Cookbook gives a fresh new perspective on this ancient art of self-healing. Over 250 taste-tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease and sound nutrition. This comprehensive book includes an in-depth discussion of Ayurvedic nutrition, tridoshic perspectives and ways to make dietary changes that last. 

Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners

by Amadea Morningstar

This easy to follow book offers familiar Western foods lovingly prepared with Ayurvedic principles. Learn how to cook fresh, easy to make recipes for healthy folks, as well as those with illnesses, including allergies and candida. This book is certain to open wide the door to this ancient Indian, yet universal system of healing and nourishment.

Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine

by Harish Johari

One of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, the Indian science of Ayurveda views thehuman being as intimately connected with the environment and all other life forms. It prescribes various methods of synchronizing ourselves with the world around us, placing great emphasis on diet and the specific attributes of different foods.