Pakistani Grocery

When one thinks of Pakistani cuisine, the one thing that invariably comes to mind is “Shan Spices”. Shan Spice blends are a hit with anyone who chooses to try these fantastic and easy to use blends. There are over 50 different Shan Spice blends, ranging from mild to volcanic and the most simple to use to the more challenging. Other popular products from Pakistan include their melt-in-the-mouth Cake Rusks, Vermicelli and Kheer mixes, Sharbats, Suparis and Pan Masalas and not to forget the aromatic long grain Basmati Rice from the Indus Valley.

Sri Lankan Grocery

The most interesting thing about Sri Lankan cooking is the use of different kinds of dried fish in not only curries but also chutneys and sambols. The Sri Lankans have an ingenious way of using fish, both fresh and dried, being an island nation, to enhance the flavour and texture of whatever they might be cooking. Their Katta, Seeni and Coconut Sambols are to die for; they give an instant oomph to the simplest of meals. Other items stocked are a range of Curry Powders, chili powders, pickles and chutneys, string hoppers, red and white rice flours, pittu flour, etc……the list is endless.